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Doctor Philippe Sillard

Doctor Philippe Sillard practices aesthetic medicine at his clinic in Geneva, located in the very heart of Europe, using an innovative, effective and low-risk approach.

He appreciates beauty in all its forms and, being blessed with an innate feeling for harmony, is always searching for the best way of fulfilling his patients' needs, whilst retaining the features and characteristics which lend each one of them their own unique charm and reflect their personality.

Taking care to preserve the natural balance of the skin, Dr Philippe Sillard uses almost exclusively natural products, namely those that are inherently present in the skin.

His professionalism, his feeling for beauty and his passion for a job well done make Dr Philippe Sillard an aesthetic doctor who is a cut above the rest.

"For me, true beauty is the harmony
between essence and appearance."

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A French national and holder of a Doctorate in General Medicine, Dr Philippe Sillard has a great deal of experience on the medical circuit, in the fields of both general and aesthetic medicine. This experience has included sitting on high level scientific committees, where he has mixed with the leading figures of the medical world.

Dr Philippe Sillard has received many years of training, in various techniques in the field of aesthetic medicine, in reference centres throughout Europe (Brussels, Barcelona, Paris, and Montpellier). Having taken over as director of the Paris International Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Marbella, he worked for a number of years in the south of France, before returning to the shores of Lake Geneva. Accredited to work in Geneva and a member of the FMH, Dr Philippe Sillard is a specialist registered with the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

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